Astronomy Colloquium - Fabio Pacucci

Event time: 
Thursday, October 26, 2017 - 2:30pm
  • Fabio Pacucci
Speaker Institution: 
  • Yale University
Talk Title: 
"Unravelling the First Black Holes in the JWST Era"
Event description: 

The first black hole seeds formed when the Universe was younger than 500 Myr old and they played an important role in the growth of early (z=7) supermassive black holes. While much progress has been made in understanding their formation and growth, their observational signatures remain largely unexplored. We present a novel photometric method to identify black hole seed candidates in deep multi-wavelength surveys, especially in the light of the upcoming JWST observatory. The method relies on infrared and X-ray observations and selects the only two objects with a robust X-ray detection found in the CANDELS/GOODS-S survey with a photometric redshift z>6. Moreover, the case of the z=6.6 Lyman alpha emitter CR7 is discussed. To date, these objects represent the most promising black hole seed candidates, possibly formed via the direct collapse black hole scenario.

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