Angelo Ricarte

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Class of 2019
Extragalactic Astronomy, Active Galactic Nuclei, High Energy Astrophysics, Black Holes
46 Hillhouse Ave., New Haven, CT 06511-8903
P.O. Box 208101, New Haven, CT 06520-8101
46 HLH 206

Angelo Ricarte is a theorist interested in the formation and evolution of supermassive black holes.  He has performed research on the Event Horizon Telescope and tidal disruption events by a massive black hole binary.  Nowadays, he works on semi-analytic models of black hole growth from the “seeding” epoch to today.

Angelo is a California native who absolutely abhors the New England winter.  He grew up in La Mirada, a suburb of Los Angeles, and then completed his undergraduate education at UC Berkeley.

Advisor:  Priya Natarajan