Luis Machado Poletti

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Class of 2018, Astrophysics Major
Cosmology, Dark Energy
52 Hillhouse Ave, New Haven, CT 06511

Luis is a Junior at Yale College from São Paulo, Brazil. Majoring in Astrophysics, Luis has done research on Dark Energy and Type Ia Supernovae (with the La Silla Quest Survey Project), as well as on radio observations of Molecular Clouds, focusing on formaldehyde lines from the Barnard B1b Cloud. After College, Luis intends to be a professor/ teacher, and as such has been teaching undergraduate peers as well as high schoolers for the past few years at Yale, and has been a Math grader, a Physics tutor, a voluntary teacher for Yale Splash, and a Summer Course TA at Stanford University. During his free time, Luis enjoys watching Parks and Recreation and Rick and Morty, reading Brazilian novels, playing pool, ballroom dancing and drinking Oreo milkshakes at Yorkside Pizza.