January 2018 News

Christopher Spalding, Ph.D. awarded second 51 Pegasi b Fellowship

Wed, 01/31/2018
Growing up surrounded by the idyllic landscape of Northern Ireland fostered Christopher Spalding’s curiosity about the natural world and the physical laws that explain it....

Sarbani Basu wins 2018 George Ellery Hale Prize

Thu, 01/11/2018
The American Astronomical Society’s Solar Physics Division has awarded the 2018 George Ellery Hale Prize to Department of Astronomy professor and chair Sarbani Basu. The...

Black holes, gravitational waves take Yale prof to NASA’s LISA mission

Tue, 01/09/2018
NASA has named professor of astronomy and physics Priyamvada Natarajan to its team of U.S. scientists lending expertise on gravitational waves and astrophysics for the...