October 2017

October 3, 2017
2:30pm YCAA Seminar - Adam Leroy, Observing the Physical State of the Cold Gas in Nearby Galaxies
October 5, 2017
2:30pm Astronomy Colloquium - Gus Oemler, "The Death of Spirals"
October 10, 2017
2:30pm YCAA Seminar -- Mia Bovill, Implications for Pop III Galaxies in the JWST Era
October 12, 2017
2:30pm Astronomy Colloquium - Risa Wechsler, Cosmology from the Dark Energy Survey and Beyond
October 13, 2017
9:00am 4th Annual Gruber Cosmology Prize Conference
October 24, 2017
2:30am YCAA Seminar - Sukanya Chakrabarti, "Outer HI Disks: Probes of dark matter sub-structure to LIGO sources"
October 26, 2017
2:30pm Astronomy Colloquium - Fabio Pacucci, "First black holes: observability and growth"
October 31, 2017
2:30pm YCAA Seminar - Song Huang