Yale Time Allocation Committee

Proposal due dates

Proposals are solicited for Yale observing time on the telescopes to which Yale has access. Unless otherwise stated, full proposals are due at 17:00:00 Eastern Time on the first Friday of March for the B semester and the second Friday of September for the A semester. Pre-proposals are due a week before the proposal deadline, also on Friday. For 2017B, the deadlines are:

Friday, February 24, 2017:  Keck Pre-proposals due
Friday, March 3, 2017: Regular proposals due for all telescopes
Fall 2017 TBA:  Large Palomar proposals due

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Proposal forms and submission (Yale astronomers only)

Additional telescope-specific instructions for proposal submission:

Completed PDF proposals and cover sheets / confirmations (where applicable) should be sent to Joel Ong (at yale . edu) before the deadline (as above).

Submitted proposals are posted on a password protected website for TAC review.

Abstracts of proposals that have been awarded time.

TAC procedures


The astronomy department revised its telescope allocation procedures in 2008 and reviewed them in December of 2009. The procedures can be found in this document.