Facility Information for Yale Proposers


We have 24 nights per year (~12 nights per semester) through our agreement with CalTech. These nights must be balanced between Keck I/II as well as moon phase, and should be distributed equitably across the semester. 

For 19B we have the following allocation:

  • Keck I: 2D + 1G + 3L = 6 nights 

  • Keck II: 0D + 4G + 2L = 6 nights

Please note that Keck proposals must be for full nights; proposals for half nights are not permitted.

Yale Keck time is open to faculty and postdocs. Postdocs are particularly encouraged to apply for Keck time.

Further information on available Keck instruments, etc. can be found on the Keck website.


Yale has a 1/8 share of the science time available on the 200-inch Hale Telescope at the Palomar Observatory. This equates to ~45 nights per year balanced across moon phases. 

For 19B, we have the following allocation:

  • 6D + 7G + 9L = 22 nights

Further information about observing with the 200-inch can be found on the Palomar Observer Information page.


SMARTS observing can be found on the Observing with SMARTS page.