Polycom Manuals

To make a videoconference call:

  1. Pick up the Polycom remote (raised on one end and looks fancy). This should wake the system up. If the screen is still blank, check to see if the monitor is on. If it is not on, there is a remote that exists solely to turn the screen on and off. It has a big circular red power button in the upper left hand corner. Press this power button to turn on the screen. There should be a small green light at the bottom right of the screen when the screen is on.

  2. Ignore the menu screen that pops up and start dialing the appropriate IP number for your observing session using the numbered keypad on the remote. 

  3. Once the number is entered, press the Green Phone Button on the remote to make the call.  For help locating buttons, see the Polycom Quick Guide.

  4. Move the camera to your desired position by pressing the arrow buttons that are on the inside of the circular dial. You can change the camera zoom by pressing the right-most button on the outside of the circular dial (up is zoom in, down is zoom out).

  5. To hang up, press the Red Phone Button on the remote.

NOTE: Volume Control is on the left side of the fancy dial and the Mute Button is directly under the fancy dial.

For other neat tricks, see: