Graduate Students

Yasmeen Asali's picture
Yasmeen Asali
Class of 2026
Josephine Baggen's picture
Josephine Baggen
Class of 2028
Uddipan Banik's picture
Uddipan Banik
Class of 2023
Cosmology, Dark Matter, Gravitational Lensing, Large-Scale Structure, Extragalactic Astronomy, Galaxy Clusters, Galaxy Structure, Formation and Evolution, Galactic Astronomy, Kinematics, Black Holes
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Anne Burnham
Class of 2026
Sam Cabot's picture
Sam Cabot
Class of 2024
William Cerny's picture
William Cerny
Class of 2028
Shashank Dattathri's picture
Shashank Dattathri
Class of 2028
Konstantin Gerbig's picture
Konstantin Gerbig
Class of 2026
Aritra Ghosh's picture
Aritra Ghosh
Class of 2023
Cosmology, Extragalactic Astronomy
Juan Guerra's picture
Juan Guerra
Class of 2024
High Energy Astrophysics
Cheng-Han Hsieh's picture
Cheng-Han Hsieh
Class of 2024
Star Formation and ISM
Michael Keim's picture
Michael Keim
Class of 2026
Dark Matter, Extragalactic Astronomy, Active Galactic Nuclei, Galaxy Structure, Formation and Evolution
Ren Koontz's picture
Ren Koontz
Class of 2025
Garrett Levine's picture
Garrett Levine
Class of 2026
Christopher Lindsay's picture
Christopher Lindsay
Class of 2026
Emma Louden's picture
Emma Louden
Class of 2026
Tiger Lu's picture
Tiger Lu
Class of 2026
Isabel Medlock's picture
Isabel Medlock
Class of 2027
Tim Miller's picture
Tim Miller
Class of 2023
Kaustav Mitra's picture
Kaustav Mitra
Class of 2024
Cosmology, High Energy Astrophysics
Sebastian Monzon's picture
Sebastian Monzon
Class of 2027
Chloe Neufeld's picture
Chloe Neufeld
Class of 2028
Imad Pasha's picture
Imad Pasha
Class of 2024
Galaxy Structure, Formation and Evolution
Sasha Safonova's picture
Sasha Safonova
Class of 2025
Cosmology, Large-Scale Structure, Galaxy Structure, Formation and Evolution
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Zili Shen
Graduate School Student
Extragalactic Astronomy, Galaxy Structure, Formation and Evolution
Harrison Souchereau's picture
Harrison Souchereau
Class of 2027
Iver Warburton's picture
Iver Warburton
Class of 2028