Suggested Courses in Other Departments

Courses outside the department can also provide useful preparation and may count toward the major at the discretion of the DUS. Some courses that astronomy majors have found useful follow below:

  • MATH 247 Partial Differential Equations
  • CHEM 564L Advanced Mechanical Instrumentation
  • ENAS 130b Introduction to Computing for Engineers and Scientists
  • CPSC 424 Parallel Programming Techniques
  • ENAS 151a Multivariable Calculus for Engineers
  • G&G 326a Introduction to Earth and Planetary Physics
  • G&G 362b Observing Earth from Space
  • MATH 222 Linear Algebra with Applications
  • MENG 185 Mechanical Design
  • MENG 361a Mechanical Engineering II: Fluid Mechanics
  • PHYS 301 Introduction to Mathematical Methods of Physics
  • STAT 238 Probability and Statistics