Remote Workstation Manual

1. Log on to workstation

  • Shake the mouse to wake up the left-most computer screen.
  • If you do not see the login prompt yet, press enter on the keyboard.
  • A login prompt should appear on the left-most screen, but the other screens will remain blank.  Press enter on the keyboard to get the password prompt.
  • Then enter the password to log in to the local machine and press enter. 
  • You should now be in fvwm.

2. Open and use VNC terminals

Control Instruments

  • Left-click on the background on the left-most screen and left-click XTerm to open a new terminal window.
  • At the prompt in the new Xterm window in the left monitor, enter:
      • Note: The instrument name and account number can be found here.
      • ex: kvncinst deimos deimos11
    • You will be prompted three times for two passwords (which are on the password list). Enter the first password (for the Keck firewall) once and the second password (for the VNC server) twice.
    • At the prompt:  “Would you like to enter a view-only password,”  press N for no, unless you are doing an eavesdropping session.
  • The colored instrument windows should now start to appear on the monitors. This may take a few moments.
  • Open a menu with a right click of the mouse on any of the colored instrument windows (on the left three monitors) to start your instrument’s GUI.
  • The GUI should begin to appear on the left three monitors.

Control Telescope

  • NEW! The telescope control is now automatically run by kvncinst (see above) so there is no need to run kvnctel manually in the rightmost monitor as was previously done.

3. Observe!

4. Save data onto your own machine.

5. Close out all terminals & log out at the end of your run.

  • Close instrument control
    • On the left-most screen, enter CTRL-C in the XTerm window where the kvncinst script was started.
    • Then type “exit” (or CTRL-D) to close this window.
  • Close Fvwm
    • Left click on the left-most screen to get a menu.
    • Choose “Exit Fvwm” and “Yes, really quit”.
    • This procedure should automatically log you out of the local computer
  • Please make sure to log out completely!