Graduate Alumni

Below are listed Yale Ph.D.s in Astronomy, or in Physics with a primary academic advisor from the Astronomy Department, going back to 1990. Some names include a link to the student’s website or dissertation abstract.
* An asterisk denotes those who received prize fellowships immediately upon graduation.

Class of 2020

Blackman, Ryan
Cramer, William
Millholland, Sarah
Mowla, Lamiya
Seligman, Darryl
Viani, Lucas

Class of 2019

Adams, Arthur
Feddersen, Jesse
Lange, Johannes Ulf
Ricarte, Angelo

Class of 2018

Abramson, Anne 
Bradford, Jeremy
Maureira, Maria Jose

Class of 2017

Campbell, Duncan
Merrit, Allison
Schmitt, Joseph

Class of 2016

Giguere, Matthew
Moriarty, John (Jack)
Nelson, Erica
Bonaca, Ana
Jiang, Fangzhou (Arthur)
Leja, Joel
Brewer, John Michael

Class of 2015

Nelson, Katherine
Plunkett, Adele
Vargas, Luis

Class of 2014

Isler, Jedidah *
Tanner, Joel D.

Class of 2013

Bezanson, Rachel *
Ho, Ngoc Nhung

Class of 2012

Class of 2009


Class of 2008


Class of 2007


Class of 2006


Class of 2005

Cortes, Juan *

Class of 2004

Escala, Andres

Class of 2003


Class of 2002


Class of 2001


Class of 2000


Class of 1999


Class of 1998


Class of 1996

Orosz, Jerome 
Yi, Sukyoung


Class of 1995

Xinjian, Guo
Mendez, Rene

Class of 1994

Tucker, Douglas

Class of 1993

Chaboyer, Brian *
Howard, Jamie
Kim, Y-C
Layden, Andrew *
Lydon, TJ
Sarajedini, Ata *
Zirbel, Esther

Class of 1991

Heller, Clayton

Class of 1990

Deliyannis, Constantine
Eder, Jo-Ann