Jeremy Bradford's picture
Jeremy Bradford
Class of 2018
46 HLH 301
Extragalactic Astronomy, Galaxy Structure, Formation and Evolution
Hannah Carroll's picture
Hannah Carroll
Lead Administrator
(203) 432-3602
SPL 31
Teena Marie Griggs's picture
Teena Marie Griggs
Financial Assistant
(203) 432-3118
EVN 104
Susan Hart's picture
Susan Hart
Operations Manager
(203) 432-3010
STN 116
Craig Henry's picture
Craig Henry
Client Support Specialist
Offices 46 HLH 006 and JWG 213
Robyn Lisone's picture
Robyn Lisone
Undergrad Registrar, Yale-Nasa Keck Coordinator, Website and Social Media Specialist, Astronomy Department
(203) 436-4399
Lisa Miller's picture
Lisa Miller
Chair's Assistant Astronomy
+1 (203) 436-8470
Kim Monocchi's picture
Kim Monocchi
Senior Administrative Assistant Astronomy; DGS Asst; Astronomy Librarian
(203) 432-3033
STN 115
Geriana Van Atta's picture
Geriana Van Atta
Senior Administrative Assistant, YCAA and Physics
(203) 432-3392
46 HLH 001
Keduse Worku's picture
Keduse Worku
Student Employee