Graduate Program

The Yale Astronomy Department welcomes applications for our Ph.D. graduate program. A few highlights of the program are below. For more detail, please peruse our website and feel free to contact our Director of Graduate Admissions.
The members of our teaching faculty have international reputations in a broad range of subjects, and collaborations between department members with differing research interests are common. The Department of Astronomy also offers joint programs and opportunities with other departments at Yale and with the Universidad de Chile.  With a graduate-student-to-faculty ratio of order unity, close collaboration between faculty and students becomes the norm.  
Furthermore, Yale students have access to world-class observational and computational facilities which allows them to execute cutting-edge research early on in their careers.
The average time for a Yale Astronomy student to finish a PhD is under six years, roughly a year lower than the national average. We attribute this to the close attention given to students, early research experience, and the excellent resources that Yale Astronomy has to offer.  Yale Astronomy alumni excel in their careers, often winning prestigious fellowships and continuing on to tenure-track faculty positions.
Last, but not least, Yale and its host city of New Haven offers rich opportunities for cultural, gastronomical and extra-curricular activities.  Yale Astronomy Graduate students enjoy spending time with each other both in planned activities, such as the weekly Astronomy Happy Hour,  group bike rides, running marathons, and cookouts, as well as other more spontaneous get-togethers.