Joint Research Programs

HITS-Yale Program in Astrophysics

The HITS-Yale Program in Astrophysics (HYPA) is an initiative, sponsored by the Klaus Tschira Foundation to foster collaboration between astronomers at the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS) in Heidelberg and at Yale.

HYPA is jointly run by Prof. Volker Springel at HITS and Frank van den Bosch at Yale, and is initially funded for a 4-year period. This includes funding for two Tschira Postdoctoral Fellows, each of whom will spend two years at Yale and two years at HITS.

The collaboration also includes collaboration meetings, where astronomers from HITS come to visit Yale, and vice versa.

Yale - Universidad de Chile Joint Research Program

The Departments of Astronomy of Yale University and the University of Chile (Calán) have run a joint program of graduate education and research in astronomy since 1999.  Successes of the Joint Research Program include PhDs for Chilean students, many scientific publications, and significant recognition for both departments throughout both South and North America.  As of 2015, aspects of the program are now also offered to researchers from other Chilean institutions.


  1. Graduate Student Visiting Scholarships:  Graduate students from Chile can spend 5 to 10 months at Yale attending graduate courses, conducting a research project or both. Graduate students from Yale can spend time in Chile conducting research, and will get access to Chilean telescope time if they spend at least 9 months there.
  2. Joint Postdoctoral Fellowship Program:  Faculty from Yale and Calán can jointly fund a Postdoctoral Associate.  Postdocs spend their appointment period partly in Chile and partly at Yale.
  3. Yale graduate students can take advantage of (Northern) summer research opportunities at Calán.
  4. Qualified Yale undergraduate students can spend time in the (Northern) summer doing a research project at Calán.  Students will have the opportunity to experience Chilean culture and take a field trip to several Chilean observatories.
  5. Short-term visits of students, postdocs and faculty, including joint program meetings and scientific meetings.

From 1999-2006 the program was jointly funded by Yale, The University of Chile, and Fundación Andes, which sponsored cultural and educational enterprises in Chile. In 2006 Fundación Andes dissolved. Yale University has been supporting the program since 2006.

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