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A Yale astrophysicist’s prediction comes to pass — 20 years later
Mon, 02/04/2019
The heavens delivered a bit of scientific vindication to Yale professor of astronomy and physics Priyamvada Natarajan recently, when her 20-year-old theory about winds from...
This galaxy is no match for a hungry cluster
Thu, 01/24/2019
A new study led by Yale University astronomers tells the story of a galaxy that ran out of gas. It’s a story as old as the universe itself: A galaxy is born,...
Astronomers uncover the brightest quasar in the early universe
Wed, 01/09/2019
Researchers have discovered the brightest quasar yet known, detected from the period when the universe’s star-making hydrogen gas became ionized, known as “...
Finding answers at a galactic fountain
Wed, 11/07/2018
Researchers have detected a galaxy-scale fountain of cold molecular gas that is powered by a massive black hole, a discovery that offers a more complete understanding of the...

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The Leitner Family Observatory and Planetarium is open to the public on Tuesday evenings only. 

Two showings on Tuesday nights at 6pm and 7pm:

Observing afterwards (at dusk), weather permitting.
Admission to Tuesday public shows is $5/person.  (Free for children under 13 and Yale students). To find out more about public events, please see the LFOP website.

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