Yale-Chile Graduate Student Visiting Scholarships in Astrophysics

We invite applications from PhD students enrolled in Astrophysics programs at Chilean universities to spend part of a year visiting Yale University in the US.

Students will come to Yale for a period ranging from 5-10 months and may attend courses, do a research project, or both.  Students will ordinarily come for the start of Yale’s Spring semester, in January.  Students will be responsible for negotiating the terms of their temporary leave from their home institution during the duration of the program. 

Students are awarded a stipend supplement of approximately $1500 USD/month, round trip airfare between Chile and New Haven, and payment of student, visa and health insurance fees.  The stipend supplement is intended to make the student’s total stipend comparable to that of a Yale student.  Chilean students must provide their own funding for the base component of their stipend.

The main criteria for scholarships are the overall academic and research strength of the student, and how well matched his or her research or educational goals are to a Yale visit.  We strongly suggest that the student contact potential advisors to discuss possible research projects in more detail prior to applying to the program.

To apply by August 15 for the Spring semester (Jan-May) or by March 31 for the Fall semester (Aug-Dec), please fill out the online application form. For more information, please contact the Graduate Student Registrar, Stacey Hampton at stacey.hampton@yale.edu.

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