Undergraduate Students

Alexa Anderson's picture
Alexa Anderson
Class of 2020
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Samantha Berek
Class of 2020
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Tara Campbell
Class of 2020
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Tom Digby
Class of 2020
Charlie Gardner's picture
Charlie Gardner
Class of 2021
João Gonçalves Cardoso's picture
João Gonçalves Cardoso
Class of 2021
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Daniel Heimsoth
Class of 2020
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Trustin Henderson
Class of 2021
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Nat Kerman
Class of 2020
(203) 605-9856
Active Galactic Nuclei, Galactic Astronomy, Instrumentation
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Erin Lippitt
Class of 2022
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Katherine Lutz
Class of 2020
(203) 436-1757
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Katie Melbourne
Class of 2019
Exoplanets, Solar Structure, Dynamics and Activity
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Gabriel Mininberg
Class of 2020
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Abby Mintz
Class of 2021
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Saaya Sugiyama-Spearman
Class of 2021
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Ry Walker
Class of 2020
David Washington's picture
David Washington
Class of 2020