Research Scientists

Vivienne Baldassare's picture
Vivienne Baldassare
Postdoctoral Fellow
Extragalactic Astronomy, Active Galactic Nuclei, Galaxy Structure, Formation and Evolution, High Energy Astrophysics, Black Holes
Bryndis Cruz's picture
Bryndis Cruz
SMARTS Data Manager
46 HLH 211
Christopher Leet's picture
Christopher Leet
Nir Mandelker's picture
Nir Mandelker
Postdoctoral Associate
STN 223
Cosmology, Cosmological Simulations, Galaxy Structure, Formation and Evolution, Star Formation and ISM
Jean McKeever's picture
Jean McKeever
Postdoctoral Associate
STN 219
Solar and Stellar Astrophysics, Solar Structure, Dynamics and Activity
Rachael Roettenbacher's picture
Rachael Roettenbacher
Postdoctoral Associate
Christopher Spalding's picture
Christopher Spalding
Postdoctoral Associate
Michael Tremmel's picture
Michael Tremmel
Postdoctoral Associate
Active Galactic Nuclei, Galaxy Structure, Formation and Evolution, Black Holes
Georgios Vasilopoulos's picture
Georgios Vasilopoulos
Postdoctoral Associate
46 HLH 211
Song-Hu Wang's picture
Song-Hu Wang
Postdoctoral Associate
STN 217
Exoplanets, Solar and Stellar Astrophysics
Nahliel Wygoda's picture
Nahliel Wygoda
Laboratory Associate
STN 319