Research Scientists

Mislav Balokovic's picture
Mislav Balokovic
YCAA Postdoctoral Associate
Terrence Girard's picture
Terrence Girard
Research Scientist
STN 321
Galactic Astronomy
Victor Robles's picture
Victor Robles
YCAA Postdoctoral Associate
STN 321
Cosmology, Cosmological Simulations, Dark Matter, Galaxy Structure, Formation and Evolution
Rachael Roettenbacher's picture
Rachael Roettenbacher
Postdoctoral Associate
STN 220
Andrew Szymkowiak's picture
Andrew Szymkowiak
Sr Rsrch Sci/Scholar Physics
(203) 432-9854
EVN 308
Michael Tremmel's picture
Michael Tremmel
Postdoctoral Associate
STN 220
Active Galactic Nuclei, Galaxy Structure, Formation and Evolution, Black Holes
Georgios Vasilopoulos's picture
Georgios Vasilopoulos
Postdoctoral Associate
46 HLH 211