Yale-Chile Joint Postdoctoral Fellow Program in Astrophysics

Faculty members from Yale and any Chilean institution can jointly propose for funding to help support Yale-Chile Joint Postdoctoral Fellows.

Postdocs will spend their appointment period partly in Chile and partly at Yale, with the host institution paying the expenses of the postdoc (i.e., salary, health insurance and visa fees) during the postdoc’s stay.  The Yale funds for this program will cover the expenses of the postdoc while he or she is at Yale. Separate funding must be identified for the time that the postdoc is in Chile.

The faculty members from the Chilean institution and Yale jointly submit a formal proposal to Yale’s Proposal Review Committee for funding the Yale portion of the appointment.  The proposal length should be 1-2 pages.  Proposals should explain the total funding plan, the research that will be carried out, how the joint postdoc strengthens the specific collaboration between the Yale and Chilean faculty members; and how it strengthens the overall connections between Yale and the Chilean institution.

The criteria for a joint postdoctoral fellow proposal to be accepted include: the strength of the science, the benefits to Yale-Chile collaborations, how often the Yale faculty member has used Yale-Chile funding in the past (as priority will be given to new collaborations), whether part of the funding is offset by other funds, and the scale of the project (long-term or key projects have higher priority).

The proposal deadline is September 1, and decisions will be made before October 1, so that positions can be advertised in the Northern Fall.  For inquiries, please contact the Yale Astronomy Chair’s Assistant, Shawna Rodriguez, at shawna.rodriguez@yale.edu.