Climate and Diversity

Mission Statement

As members of the Yale Astronomy Department community, we will treat each other with respect, dignity, and professionalism, such that our day-to-day work is both productive and enjoyable.

We embrace open communication and constructive discourse to cultivate a welcoming and collaborative community in which all voices are heard and respected. We believe this will lead to a supportive and respectful environment where individuals of all gender identities, sexualities, nationalities, disabilities, and socio-economic, religious and racial backgrounds can thrive. A diverse community broadens the spectrum of ideas, enhances scientific excellence, and supports the overall mission of the Department and the University. 

While we are working toward these goals, we are mindful of our conduct, representing our department in a thoughtful and appropriate manner within all professional settings. In this environment, we acknowledge that department members have a variety of Institutional and Departmental roles, and we encourage everyone to use their positions to help others. With this mindset and these actions, we commit to sustain an environment free of misconduct and harassment, enabling and supporting all community members to do their best work.

Please us the Yale ACDC Anonymous Feedback Form to provide feedback to the committee.

Astronomy Climate and Diversity Committee

Committee Members


Héctor Arce (Faculty Coordinator)
Pieter van Dokkum 
Debra Fischer

Graduate students

Malena Rice
Claire Dickey
Lamiya Mowla


Jean McKeever
Vivienne Baldassare


Abby Mintz
Sam Berek

Additional Campus Resources

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sexual harassment, misconduct, and discrimination

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Health and wellness

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