Yale Astronomy Virtual Colloquium - Karan Jani

Event time: 
Thursday, September 24, 2020 - 2:30pm
Karan Jani
Speaker Institution: 
Vanderbilt University
Talk Title: 
Detection of a New Class of Black Holes with LIGO-Virgo
Event description: 
The gravitational-wave signal GW190521 in LIGO and Virgo marks the first confirmed detection of black holes in the intermediate-mass range between the stellar and super-massive scales. The discovery also shows there exists a new class of black holes that fall in the mass gap predicted by the pair-instability supernovae theory. In this talk, I will discuss the process that went behind inferring the astrophysical properties of this historic discovery. I would also address the alternative scenarios we looked into for a possible exotic origin of this signal, including any possible violation of General Relativity. For the upcoming ESA/NASA space mission LISA, I would briefly highlight how this discovery opens a unique epoch of multi-band, multi-messenger astronomy.
Singularity of massive black hole. 3D rendered illustration.


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