YCAA Seminar - Octavi Fors

Event time: 
Tuesday, November 4, 2014 - 2:30pm
Octavi Fors
Speaker Institution: 
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Talk Title: 
“The Evryscope: The First Minute Cadence, 10,000-square-degree FoV, Full-Sky Gigapixel-Scale Telescope”
Event description: 

Current time-domain wide-field sky surveys generally operate with few-degree-sized fields and take many individual images to cover large sky areas each night. The Evryscope (“wide-seer”), a new all-sky telescope concept, is presented. It places a pixel on every part of the sky, making it a 7cm telescope pointed at every part of the visible sky simultaneously and with a cadence of 2 minutes. The Evryscope is a gigapixel-scale imager with a 10,200 sq.deg. field of view and an étendue three times larger than the Pan-STARRS sky survey.

Among other sciences cases, the system will search for transiting giant exoplanets around nearby bright stars, rocky planets in the habitable zone of M-dwarfs and Moon-size (or asteroids) objects around white dwarfs, as well as detecting nearby microlensing events, nearby supernovae (shock breakout & pre-outbursts), and gamma-ray burst optical counterparts (before & afterglows, and orphan afterglows).

We will present the current project status, including an update on the Evryscope prototype telescopes which have been operating for the last three years in the Canadian High Arctic, and the detailed design of the under-construction full system.

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