Fangzhou Jiang, ‘16 awarded prestigious Chinese government scholarship

Tue, 03/29/2016
Fangzhou (Arthur) Jiang, GRD ‘16 has been awarded the Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad.
Since 2003, the Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad has been awarded annually in recognition of academic excellence to Chinese graduate-level students that are studying abroad in any field and are in their final years of dissertation research. This year 500 Chinese students in 32 countries have received this reward, ~100 of whom are in the US. In addition to prestige, the scholarship comes with a one-time financial reward of $6000,
All self-financed, graduate-level Chinese students studying abroad can apply for the award. The prime criterion is academic excellence (publications, international conference talks etc.). The selection process consists of two stages: first, Chinese consulates ask a number of scholars in the universities in the corresponding areas to review the applications and recommend several candidates; then, the materials of these candidates are sent to the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) of the Ministry of Education, which organize a review panel consisting of professors in relevant fields in Beijing to select a subset of the candidates as the final awardees. - Text adapted and translated by F. Jiang from the website for the award.