Yale Astrophysics major program changes featured in Yale Daily News article

Mon, 10/27/2014

“In response to student feedback, the department made several changes that will go into effect this year, including changing the name of the Bachelor of Science degree from ‘Astronomy and Physics’ to ‘Astrophysics.’ The Bachelor of Arts degree will keep its name of ‘Astronomy.’ The department has refocused the B.S. major on the core science skills necessary for a career in science, adding new courses like “Astrostatistics and Data Mining” (ASTR 356), which focuses on statistical analysis. Faculty have also made it a priority to do field work in observatories. Astronomy director of undergraduate studies Debra Fischer also reviewed all of the major’s courses, revising the curriculum to eliminate overlap between courses and ensure that the curriculum is in sequential order. According to faculty members interviewed, these changes are geared at better preparing students for careers in science.”

- From the YDN article by Emma Platoff and Stephanie Rogers.  For full article, click the link below.

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