Yale Astronomy Colloquium - Ryan Trainor

Event time: 
Thursday, September 21, 2023 - 2:30pm
Ryan Trainor
Speaker Institution: 
Franklin & Marshall College
Talk Title: 
Galaxies are for Everybody
Event description: 

Galaxies, like people, are shaped by interactions. In the case of galaxies, it is the interactions of gas, stars, and black holes that determine their evolution via a medley of synergistic processes that cannot easily be predicted from first principles. However, the nebular spectra of galaxies can provide the tools to unravel these effects. I will describe how we are using the Keck Baryonic Structure Survey and the JWST Cycle 1 CECILIA survey to measure elemental abundance patterns and ionization properties in galaxies at z = 2-3 (known as “Cosmic Noon”). In addition to resolving current discrepancies in our understanding of galaxies at this epoch, these surveys aim to improve nebular abundance measurements among current and future galaxy samples at all redshifts, with the potential to transform our understanding of our cosmic chemical heritage. Along the way, we will also discuss some of the interactions that shape astronomers and other humans, and how an interdisciplinary approach to galaxy formation can illuminate the social and physical processes that shape our past and present on Earth.


Kline Tower Room 509 A & B See map
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New Haven, CT 06511