For an astronomer, an insect is as worthy of observation as the cosmos

dragonfly picture
Mon, 07/06/2015

As an astronomer, Pieter van Dokkum explores celestial marvels and mysteries, but one of the most wondrous sights he’s ever witnessed is much more earthly: the metamorphosis of the dragonfly.

In his spare time, the Sol Goldman Family Professor of Astronomy has dedicated countless hours over the past decade to observing and photographing dragonflies, and celebrates the insect in his recent book, Dragonflies: Magnificent Creatures of Water, Air, and Land. The book, published by Yale University Press, features more than 160 of van Dokkum’s own color photographs, which trace the entire dragonfly life cycle.

- excerpt from article by Susan Gonzalez.  Full article at URL, below.

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