Chiara Mingarelli

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Assistant Professor of Physics
219 Prospect Street | Kline Tower
Room Number: 
KT 445
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P.O. Box 208101, New Haven, CT 06520-8101

Prof. Mingarelli is an astrophysicist who models the cosmic population of supermassive black hole binary mergers. Gas and stars interact with black holes, and those interactions can leave distinctive imprints in their gravitational wave signatures. These individual systems create a gravitational wave background, and she predicts how those astrophysical signatures manifest.

Specifically, Mingarelli is best known for her work on predicting and modeling anisotropy in the gravitational-wave background (e.g. Mingarelli et al. 2013), multimessenger astrophysics (e.g. Mingarelli et al. 2017 and Xin, Mingarelli, Hazboun 2021), and extracting properties of the cosmic population of supermassive black hole binaries for the amplitude of the gravitational wave background (Casey-Clyde, Mingarelli, et al. 2022).