Uddipan Banik

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Class of 2023
52 STN 319
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P.O. Box 208101, New Haven, CT 06520-8101
Cosmology, Dark Matter, Gravitational Lensing, Large-Scale Structure, Extragalactic Astronomy, Galaxy Clusters, Galaxy Structure, Formation and Evolution, Galactic Astronomy, Kinematics, Black Holes

Uddipan is a graduate student working in Prof. Frank C. van den Bosch’s group. He does research in Galactic Dynamics and Dark Matter. He develops theories for gravitational encounters of galaxies and studies the role of collisionless relaxation processes like dynamical friction, diffusion, Landau damping, phase mixing, chaotic mixing, violent relaxation, etc. in galactic evolution. He aims to constrain dark matter models (is dark matter cold, warm, self-interacting or fuzzy?) using dynamics in galactic and sub-galactic scales.

Outside of Astronomy, Uddipan likes to sing Hindustani Classical music, play the harmonium, read books on philosophy and science fiction, write articles on social issues, and go for trekking adventures in mountainous terrains and tropical jungles.